Normally the healthy gums are pink in color. The result of the poor oral hygiene is having red gums, however, a dentist should be seen immediately if a patient is showing signs of white gums.

Some conditions that can lead to white gums are:

⦁ Leukoplakia : white patches on the mucous membrane
⦁ Leukemia
⦁ Lack of vitamin B12
⦁ Aphthous stomatitis
⦁ Gum inflation
⦁ Lichen planus
⦁ Oral candidiasis
⦁ Dental extraction
⦁ Oral cancer

Patients can prevent themselves from developing white gums by doing the following:

⦁ Brushing the teeth two times a day
⦁ Washing mouth and tongue
⦁ Good nutrition
⦁ Using less sweet and candies
⦁ See the doctor two times a year for check up

White gums should be treated seriously as the reason for them may be quite serious. Always seek medical attention as soon as possible.