Keeping Your Teeth Beautiful

For keeping healthy, beautiful teeth, follow these recommendations.

Keeping teeth healthy is more important than their appearance. Some materials scratch the surface of the teeth. Those who use less of these substances have healthier teeth. These substances sometimes cause allergies in the gums.

Do not brush your teeth too much.

If you want to find the best toothpaste and toothbrush, seek the approval of the American Dental Association (ADA). This way you will never use a rough toothbrush. A toothbrush, while it should be able to remove food deposits on the teeth, should not damage the gums. A soft toothbrush is the most suitable type of toothbrush.

Never use a toothbrush for more than 3 months. This time limit is mandatory. If you want to use an electric toothbrush, make sure that the head is rotating and does not move vertically.

For teeth whitening, there are a few options you can take such as dental bleaches. There are different types of bleaches. Ordinary bleach sold over-the-counter in pharmacies does not have a detrimental effect on teeth and gums. But there are packages that are available as bleach for dentists. These packs contain acidic compounds that may damage the enamel in the long run. Ask your dentist for the best type.

The most effective and fastest method of teeth whitening is possible using concentrated solutions. These compounds affect the structure of tooth enamel and reduce its strength. On the other hand, after a short time, its color returned to its original state and in the end, it resulted in nothing but a waste of time and money. In other words, teeth whitening is not due to discoloration, but the removal of the surface layers of tooth enamel.