Restoration of the Smile

The set of cosmetic restoration processes is all done with one goal in mind, and that is the design of a beautiful and principled smile. This is what is called the Hollywood smile. These treatments include the following:

Ceramic laminate (porcelain veneer): In this method, tooth defects are covered with a thin shell of the same color as the tooth. In this method, teeth need to be cut for beauty.

Dental Bridge: Bridges are another type of cosmetic dental veneer. In fact, using two adjacent teeth as a base, a bridge-shaped veneer is created to restore the beautiful appearance of your lost tooth.

Dental implants: Missing teeth have a big impact on a person’s appearance and smile design. Especially when they are in the line of laughter. Dental implants are a sure solution to correct it.

Gingival cosmetic surgery: The beauty of the gums plays a big role in making the teeth look beautiful. Sometimes it is necessary to correct the height of the gums to create a proper smile design. This operation is called cosmetic gum surgery.

Tooth bleaching (teeth whitening): Tooth discoloration caused by food coloring, smoking, etc. is very effective in the beauty of laughter. Teeth bleaching at home and in the office is the solution to eliminate these discolorations and restore a beautiful appearance to a person’s smile. Bleaching in the office quickly whitens teeth, and bleaching at home ensures that this whiteness lasts.

Alignment of teeth without orthodontics (the beauty of teeth without orthodontics): One of our most common uses for dental bonding is laminate composite or veneer composite. This method has been used in many cases today for people who want to have straight and straight teeth without orthodontic treatments. In many cases, straightening teeth is possible with the help of a tooth bonding technique.