The Color of Veneers

The color of the veneer should be chosen in such a way as to give you a beautiful and natural smile, not to look unnatural and too white. It should also not be too different from the color of your own teeth. It is better that the color of the dental veneer matches the side teeth.

Of course, in cases where a large number of teeth are veneered, there is no need to match other teeth, and choosing the color of the veneer is up to you. Of course, you should know that people perceive color differently. For this reason, it is better to get help from a good dentist in Tehran or any other person who is present when choosing the color of the veneer. Your dentist may ask you to remove your makeup to choose the right color.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no single shade of white. Different veneers have different colors, from which you should choose the best tooth veneer color. It is better to choose a shade of white that looks like a healthy set of natural teeth.

Note that if you want to choose a very white color, your smile is not natural and will not look pleasant. A very simple and useful way to choose the best tooth laminate color is to use white on your eyes. The color of your veneer should never be whiter than the whiteness of your eyes.

Skin color will also help you choose the right toothpaste color. The natural color of the skin contrasts slightly with the color of the teeth. But the difference should not be too great. For dark skin, you should choose natural tooth shades. Very white shades are not suitable for this skin color at all and look very unnatural. Paying attention to the color layer of the coating will also help you make the right choice. This will make the veneers look more like natural teeth. Because natural teeth are dull in the middle price and have clear edges.

Some people may be looking for the whitest tooth veneer. But you should know that in modifying the design of the smile, the white smiles that you see in the movies do not look natural in the real world. Very white teeth are by no means a good choice, especially for people with dark skin.

The greater the contrast between the color of the skin and the teeth, the brighter the teeth will look. The best cosmetic dentists recommend always trying to have more natural color shades. For those who have lighter skin color, it is better to choose lighter covers.

Because there must be a contrast between the color of the skin and the teeth. Therefore, in order to show the whiteness of their teeth, it is better to choose a lighter color for their veneers. The disease may require the whitest shade possible, which the dentist should warn about, as this shade is for lighter skin, and too much contrast can make teeth look unnatural and smile.

The color of the covers is classified from A ** to D **. These categories are classified from yellowish and reddish to gray, and their light intensity is from 1 to 4, with number 1 being the brightest. The dentist chooses the right veneer color for you with a color selection set or digital devices. Some of these colors are not normal colors, because they are very white and fall into the bleach category.

These colors are called bleach or extra white. Shadow A3 *** is a normal color and most of those whose teeth are natural color are in this category. Water shade 1 is significantly lighter and is considered the lightest natural shade. But these days, patients want lighter shades, known as Hollywood white shadows.

It can be said that with the care of the teeth, the color of the veneers does not change. If you notice that the color of the veneers has changed over time, or that the color of the veneer is different from other teeth, the side teeth may be stained and dark.

However, your veneers may change color due to poor hygiene. Gingival resorption is the most common cause of darkening of the dental veneer because it causes the margin under the metal-porcelain veneer to appear and the only way to correct it is to replace the veneer.

Acidic saliva is another reason for the discoloration of dental veneers. Emax methods In people whose saliva has an acidic pH, it tends to turn gray over time.

In such people, the material of the cover must be changed. Neurosurgery is also one of the reasons for tooth discoloration. These teeth sometimes turn completely black and appear as stains and opacity in clear ceramic veneers. In dental implants, there is a possibility of darkening of the veneer because it may cause gingival resorption. To prevent this problem, dental implants can be used.