Orthodontics and the Lips

The proportion between the lips is one of the most important reasons for the beauty of the face. Unique orthodontic treatment can show unique results when due to disorders in the teeth and especially the jaw. In fact, the effect of orthodontics on the lips is such that the shape and position of the lips are in the best possible condition. When orthodontics is done, it is not only the teeth that move, yes the teeth will move, but they will also have a great impact on the patient’s face and the shape of his lips.

In addition to radiography, the orthodontist draws hypothetical lines on a photograph of the patient’s face in connection with an accurate diagnosis and examination of the orthodontic effect on the lips. When the orthodontist draws a line from the chin to the tip of the nose, the patient’s lips should normally be close together, closed, and not back or forward. In this regard, factors about the patient’s nose are also considered.

This technique makes the treatment plan clearer for the orthodontist and determines how the jaw moves during orthodontics so that the lips are in the best position. In fact, orthodontics improves the shape of the lips and soft tissue of the patient’s face.

The back or front of the lips or the balance that should be placed on top of each other will be predicted and visualized by the orthodontist in the first session that the patient refers to for a consultation. Depending on the condition of the patient’s jaws and the effect of orthodontics on the lips, it is possible to plan for his treatment and achieve extraordinary results.

When the patient is a child, the orthodontist can easily and only with orthodontic treatment cause changes in the jaw and plan the future of the child’s face and lips. If the client is an adult, the orthodontic appliance needs to be used in conjunction with surgery to move the jaw. Thus, it is possible to predict the effect of orthodontics on the lips and jaw according to the patient’s age.

Patients seeking orthodontic treatment with maxillary posterior and mandibular anterior. In this case, the orthodontist does not expect the lips to be evenly and parallel to each other, and this is a disorder in the beauty and face of the patient that the orthodontist will consider in the treatment of this anomaly.

When we look at these patients in profile, we see that their lips and mouth are back and there is no balance in their lips. After orthodontics is performed on the patient’s teeth and his upper jaw is brought forward and the lower jaw is moved backward, he gets a much more balanced and beautiful face. Also, the lips are placed in perfect harmony with each other and even the volume of the lips looks different. For this reason, the orthodontist recommends that before doing any cosmetic work on the lips, such as lip prosthesis or injecting gel and fat into the lips or any other filler, first correct the abnormalities related to the mouth, teeth, and jaw. Because in the process of orthodontic work, the soft tissue of the face undergoes many changes.

As a result of the orthodontics, not only the teeth move, but also the jaws and, consequently, the lips, and the patient experiences a new beauty and a unique smile.

In some patients, the lips may be too forward. In this case, the orthodontist may decide to pull the teeth backward by pulling the teeth or crowded orthodontics. Therefore, the orthodontic treatment plan is very different according to the diversity of patients. Note that the best time to diagnose orthodontics is before puberty. Orthodontics will have the best effect on the jaw before the end of puberty and puberty, followed by the lips and other parts of the face. In addition, the length of orthodontic treatment is much shorter and consequently, the cost of orthodontics will be lower.