Dental Laminate for Short Teeth

If you have teeth that look small, it can negatively affect your smile. Small teeth may make you reluctant to smile, talk or laugh with others, including friends and family. If you have a job that involves a lot of public or interpersonal interactions, small teeth can affect your performance.

Smile reconstruction for small teeth depends on the ability of the cosmetic dentist to balance the size and shape of the intertwined teeth. The solution used for small teeth can be simply adding a ceramic laminate to increase the size of the tooth.

When only two teeth are out of sync, and the rest of the teeth are delicate, two out-of-sync teeth can really affect the balance of your face. In this case, only two veneers can change your feelings about yourself by providing a much more accurate appearance. However, when all the patient’s teeth are crushed and short, a new bite can be made without damaging the teeth. Enter naturally.

Dental laminates, for adults with small teeth, can change the shape of their teeth in just a few days. The whole dental treatment will be non-invasive. In this process, there will be no damage, discomfort or loss of natural teeth. By placing a laminate on small teeth, a smile will be completely natural in the shortest time.

One of the biggest challenges that very few dentists can successfully accomplish is matching dental laminate with adjacent natural enamel. The dentist must work closely with his lab to design the right color, transparency, surface texture, and shape of the laminate so that the restoration looks exactly like any other tooth.

If even one of these design elements is not carefully considered, the entire dental veneer will have an improper shape. Most dentists do not work with their laboratory during the porcelain preparation process, and this is where the quality comes into play.

Fortunately, smiles can be restored and enhanced using cosmetic and dental treatments such as porcelain veneers.

Reasons why people may have small teeth

Some of the most common causes of small teeth include the following:

Genetics: If you have parents who have small teeth, chances are you do.

Bruxism: Teeth grinding and clenching can affect tooth structure. If left untreated, it can cause erosion over time. As a result, teeth can wear out and make them look small.

Problems related to tooth alignment: Crooked teeth, asymmetrical alignment, and other things related to your smile can make your teeth smaller or larger than adjacent teeth.

Gap between teeth: Tooth gaps make ordinary teeth look small, and the problem of distance makes small teeth look even smaller.

Gingival protrusion: Sometimes the teeth are fine, but problems with the protruding gums make the crowns look smaller.