Tooth beauty at home

The beauty and health of the teeth are the most important criteria for recognizing the beauty of the face. The beauty and beauty of the teeth, in addition to beauty, to some extent also shows the dignity and personality type of people. A person who has self-confidence and considers himself valuable, cares about the health of his body and avoids any clutter and disorder.

The health of the teeth is more visible to those around them than any other organ in the body, so not taking care of the health and beauty of the teeth will quickly have an adverse effect on the eyes of those around them.

The beauty of teeth at home: Smiling is one of the natural human reactions when meeting other people. When smiling, the teeth, due to their glossy appearance, quickly attract attention and affect the audience. It is clear to what extent the whiteness and health of the teeth, when seeing the smile of the audience, can affect the beauty of the face.

Dark, spotted and scaly teeth also have a negative effect on the beauty of a person’s face and create a very unpleasant scene when dreaming with other people and talking to them. Taking care of the beauty of the teeth, in itself, increases self-confidence and provides the basis for social relationships.

Natural ways to whiten teeth

If the teeth are healthy and in a regular row, teeth whitening can complement their beauty and add a flawless and shiny finish to a person’s smile.

Different methods are used to whiten teeth. To perform some of these procedures, you need to see a dentist. But with home remedies, you can also scale the teeth and give them a bright and shiny appearance. Here are some home remedies for teeth whitening:


Flossing is the easiest way to remove food particles left between your teeth. As you know, these small food particles, along with saliva and bacteria, form a layer on the teeth that hardens after a while and forms dental plaque. Dental plaque causes tooth decay, corrosion and pain after a while.

Flossing after a meal helps to ensure that food particles are completely removed from the teeth and that the dark yellow layer of plaque does not form on the teeth.

Brushing with baking soda

One of the cosmetic methods of teeth at home is to use baking soda when brushing. Many people use baking soda to whiten their teeth. Baking soda is a very popular way to whiten teeth due to its strong whitening properties, availability and very low cost.

Teeth whitening with charcoal

To use this method, just pour baking soda on the toothbrush and brush your teeth with it and then rinse carefully. It is best to avoid swallowing baking soda as much as possible.

 Use fruits and vegetables

Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is good not only for the teeth but for the whole body. It is said that chewing fruits and vegetables is good for teeth whitening in itself. (Of course, leaving fruit particles on the teeth will cause plaque)

Pineapple and strawberry are more useful for teeth whitening than other fruits. Some actors and celebrities use a combination of colored berries and baking soda to whiten their teeth.

 Use charcoal to whiten teeth

Another way to beautify your teeth at home is to use charcoal. Charcoal, unlike its black color, has whitening properties and whitens your teeth. Charcoal also prevents the formation of dental plaque, thus giving the teeth a shiny and shiny appearance.

Dip a thoroughly wet toothbrush in hygienic charcoal powder and brush and rinse with it for at least two minutes.

 The combination of salt and honey for the beauty of teeth

Another way to beautify your teeth at home is to use salt and honey. Salt and honey both have anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. Salt is a natural substance that has mild abrasive and antiseptic properties and therefore, is always used as a toothpaste and bleach. The combination of salt and honey and brushing with it can have a positive effect on the whiteness and cleanliness of the teeth.

 Fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride is a mineral found in the drinking water of many countries. This mineral protects teeth against acid in food and prevents caries.

When you eat foods that contain sugar or carbohydrates, the bacteria secrete acid, which destroys the enamel minerals. Fluoride can regenerate tooth enamel and restore the minerals it needs.

Fluoride is found not only in toothpaste but also in fluoride gels, mouthwashes and other fluoride supplements. It should be noted that it is better to avoid swallowing these products, and after brushing with fluoride toothpaste (or any other type of toothpaste) to rinse completely.