Delayed growth of permanent teeth

 Premature babies are usually smaller and have very limited calcium sources for bone growth. As the problems caused by it can be observed until the end of life, one of these problems is the delay in the growth of milk and permanent teeth.

 the size of the child has an effect on the growth of the teeth, in such a way that children with a larger size get milk teeth much earlier than other children, and of course permanent teeth grow in them sooner. If your child is small, a slight delay in the growth of permanent teeth is normal, but consult a nutritionist for more certainty.

What to do if the child’s permanent tooth does not grow?

If permanent teeth do not grow after the age of 9, you should see a dentist so that he can guide you about the diagnosis and treatment methods. Usually, with the extraction of a baby tooth, the permanent tooth comes out after a while. If this does not happen, the dentist prepares the tooth for growth with special tools. There is another case that if the permanent tooth was hidden in the gum, but there was not enough space to come out, the child needs orthodontics. So, orthodontic treatment is another solution for permanent tooth extraction.

The main problem arises when the dentist determines that there is no permanent tooth in the gum, it is better to visit a jaw specialist and if it is certain that there is no tooth, do an implant in the empty place.

Ways of prevention as follows:

● Pregnant women should consult a nutritionist to get a proper diet.

● Women’s nutrition during breastfeeding is of particular importance, the benefits and consequences of which will be with her throughout her child’s life. Therefore, it is better to include all food groups in the diet of a nursing mother.

● Parents should accustom their child to proper nutrition and act as soon as possible to treat malnourished child’s behavior.

● As much as possible, don’t do family marriages because in these cases, defective genes show themselves in children, and dental problems are one of these disorders.

● Pay attention to the health of your child’s mouth and teeth and take him to the dentist from a young age based on a regular schedule.

We hope that parents with more knowledge about the oral and dental health of their children will perform the necessary dental treatments for them at the best time and ensure their health with healthy nutrition and a peaceful life.