How to choose dental veneers ?

Dental veneers have gained widespread popularity in cosmetic dentistry and smile design today. Their ability to solve the structural and cosmetic problems of teeth in a short period of time has made it one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry methods. When it comes to ceramic veneers, there are countless options to choose from. Choosing the right veneer for your face can be as important as choosing an experienced cosmetic dentist.

There are many variables that you need to consider when choosing the right veneer for your mouth. These variables are:

Color of dental veneers:

The right color for your ceramic crowns is determined using a standard dental color chart. This table is divided into four different parts (gray, reddish yellow, reddish brown and reddish gray) and 11 subcategories for the spectrum of tooth color. You should choose a shade about two degrees lighter than your natural teeth for your dental veneer.

Shape of dental veneers:

Choosing the right shape for your veneers is very important to give you the most suitable smile. Because every tooth is different, there are endless shape combinations to choose from.

Types of dental veneers according to individual personality:

Bold: square and uniform teeth for a bold impression

Adult: square teeth with slightly rounded canines

Strong: square teeth with sharp and prominent fangs

Dominant: square teeth with more prominent front teeth and rounded canines

Concentric: Slightly rounded teeth with square incisors.

Tenderness: round teeth with a more defined curve.

Hollywood: Square shaped with slightly shorter incisors. This is one of the most popular styles of veneers and is generally preferred for male patients.

Natural: Slightly rounded shape with very pointed fangs

Juvenile: rounded shell shape with longer canines

Different face shapes to choose dental veneers:

Be sure to pay attention to the shape of your face when choosing a cover. Face shapes are divided into four main categories: heart, oval, round and square. Each face type has the optimal size and shape of teeth to balance the features and present you in the best possible way.

Oval Shape:

 Faces that have an oval shape look better with square teeth that help make the face look bigger.

Round shape:

Round faces with longer teeth will achieve the best results.

Square shape:

Square faces are very well suited with round teeth because these veneers soften the rough features of the face.

There is a close relationship between crown shape, gender, face shape, personality and even your lifestyle. Make sure your dentist understands this concept and also has a general idea of the “ideal” smile you have in mind. Each of us has a different view of beauty, so; You should have a clear vision of what you want before doing dental veneers.

Why is the shape of the face important in choosing the shape of dental veneers?

Your face shape is the next thing to create a beautiful smile that enhances your overall appearance

If you have a small face, short and rounder covers will be the best option for you.

On the other hand, patients with angular or square faces can improve their appearance by using soft edge veneers.

If you have a long face, wide or slightly square covers will be a better option.