How long does the veneer last?

In most cases, crowns that protect the front teeth can last up to 15 years. However, if properly cared for, they can even last 25-30 years. For complete knowledge of this model of crowns, be sure to refer to the article “front tooth crowns”.

What are the factors affecting the lifespan of dental veneers?

By knowing the factors affecting the durability of dental crowns, we can take better care of them and hope for an increase in their useful length. Some of the most important factors that affect the durability of crowns are:

Oral and dental hygiene (the most important factor affecting the longevity of dental veneers)

Daily eating habits

Clenching or grinding the teeth together

The way we chew food and the things we chew

The temperature and acidity of the things we eat

Materials used to make the coating

The amount of tooth grinding

How to connect the cover

Suitability of the coating

A dentist who attaches the crown

Does dental veneer need special care?

Covered teeth usually do not need special care and require exactly the same care as our natural teeth. So, just as you clean your teeth, clean the veneered tooth as well. The most important actions to be taken to clean the dental veneer are:

Brush your teeth twice a day

Floss daily

Wash your mouth well once a day with an antibacterial mouthwash (an important factor in extending the life of dental veneers).

How to increase the lifespan of your dental veneer up to 40 years?

In order to increase the useful life of the dental crown and even reach more than 40 years, be sure to pay attention to the following points. By following these things, you probably won’t need to replace the cover for the rest of your life:

Make sure you maintain good oral hygiene habits and floss daily

Thoroughly clean the area around your crown (especially the gum line)

Do not bite on hard or rigid objects once you have the crown on the tooth

Get regular checkups by your dentist to see if your crown shows signs of damage, bite problems, or decay.

Do not grind or squeeze your teeth, as this may damage the crown

Be sure to use an interdental brush to clean around the crown

When should we replace the dental crown?

In these cases, it may be necessary to replace the cover:

Coating damage

Loosening it

Tooth decay under the veneer

tooth fracture

Root infection of coated tooth

Gum infection

In these cases, the cover must be replaced. To know everything about how to change the crown, open the link (changing the tooth crown) and read its tips carefully.

Answers to common questions about the lifespan of dental veneers

Is the lifetime of zirconia veneers longer or ceramic?

In terms of strength, zirconia veneers are excellent. The way they are made is different, and this has made them more resistant than all-ceramic coatings.

Is the life span of posterior covers longer or anterior?

Covers are designed to last a long time and their longevity depends on how well they are cared for. If they are not well taken care of, whether they are on the posterior or anterior teeth, they will not last long anyway. For example, in men, due to the unnecessary use of front teeth, the lifespan of front teeth prostheses is short.